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McLaren Flat proof tire N18 for Gehl RS6-34 (14" Tire - 1 pc, W/Out Rim, 36.5" Outer diameter)

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This is a flat proof tire bought from McLaren Industries. Please note, that it is without rim. Nu-Air tires mount only onto Nu-Air rims!
Manufactured from heavy-duty rubber compounds, McLaren Nu-Air tires are designed to withstand the harshest operating environment and the most massive loads. McLaren tires provide maximum performance even in severe cutting conditions. The specially engineered sidewalls prevent cuts and snags, ensuring that you'll never lose valuable time and money due to tire punctures again.

NOTE: Please make sure the make and model you have selected, matches exactly the make and model on your machine production plate.

SKU: RM2698467
Price: $1,040.00