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Maximizer skid steer tracks for Prime-mover L1300 (10'')

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Maximizer Over-the-tire tracks will extend the reach of your skid steer loader for a greatly improved productivity on any job site. Our OTT skid steer tracks are the perfect match to Radmeister tires and offer the fastest way out of the mud for any skid steer. These tough tracks are smartly engineered and provide all the traction and flotation a skid steer will ever need. One of the hottest skid steer attachments can now increase your productivity and provide you with a game-changing competitive edge. Click here to read more about these skid steer tracks.

Please measure the space from the sidewall of your tire to the frame. If the clearance is less than 3", you may need wheel spacers.

NOTE: Please make sure the make and model you have selected, matches exactly the make and model on your machine production plate.

SKU: RM598568
Price: $1,790.00